AltEnergyNYC Top Five for the week of April 27, 2014

@Jelena_Subotic here with your @AltEnergyNYC top 5 tweets of the week. 

1. @ClimateCentral tweeted an article about how each state compares in spending on biking. According to the article, New York allocates 7-11% of transportation spending on bike/walk projects. We beat Connecticut, Utah and Michigan to name a few. 


2. Jobs! @NYEnergyWeek tweeted about Governor Cuomo’s announcement regarding $500,000 in training grants for green jobs.


3. @REWorld tweeted an article about the Battery and Energy Storage Technology (BEST) Testing and Commercialization Center in Rochester, New York


4. @climateparents tweeted about storms & the NYC seawall and how the new figures compare to the past.


5. @KrapelsMarco tweeted about 10x more solar power coming to New York.


Do you have a favorite alternative energy tweet from this week? Reach out to us: @AltEnergyNYC.

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