The 10 Largest Solar Installations In Manhattan

By Leif Skodnick

You might not know it when you walk the sidewalks of New York, but there are solar power installations all over the city.

According to NYC Solar Map, which was developed by Sustainable CUNY, there are 1,031 solar installations in the city, with a total capacity of 22,411 kW.

But what does that mean? Well, each kW (kilowatt) of capacity potential replaces 1 kW of electricity generated from a different source. Energy use, for billing purposes, is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh), which is one hour of use of one kilowatt.  Each year, the city uses approximately 60,000 gWh (that’s gigawatt hours) of electricity.

These ten buildings each have a total solar capacity of 725.22 kW, which is about 3.25 percent of the city’s total solar capacity. It’s difficult to translate this into kilowatt hours (kWh) because the amount of power produced depends on factors including how much sunlight the solar installations get and which way they are pointed.


Rank Name Street City State Description
1 Deutsche Bank 60 Wall St., New York, NY Manhattan New York The Deutsche Bank Building, at 60 Wall St., has a 122.4 kW solar installation. It is the largest in the borough of Manhattan.
2 Newmark Knight Frank 594 Broadway Manhattan New York Newmark Knight Frank, at 594 Broadway, has two solar installations that total 96 kW. Together, they are the second-largest solar installation in Manhattan.
3 The Visionaire 70 Little W St Manhattan New York The Visionaire, a residential building at 70 Little W. Street, has two installations totaling 95.9 kW. Together, they are the third largest solar installation in Manhattan.
4 150-160 Bennett Ave. 160 Bennett Ave Manhattan New York 150-160 Bennett Avenue is a commercial structure with a 79.92 kW solar installation, the fourth-largest in Manhattan.
5 21st Century LLC Columbus Ave Manhattan New York This residential building, owned by 21st Century Group LLC, has a 68 kW solar installation, the fifth-largest in Manhattan.
6 45 Rockefeller Center 45 Rockefeller Center Manhattan New York The commercial building at 45 Rockefeller Center has a 61.7 kW solar installation, the sixth-largest in Manhattan.
7 Kips Bay Towers Condominiums 330 E 33rd St Manhattan New York The Kips Bay Towers Condominiums, located at 330 East 33rd Street, have two solar installations that provide a total of 54.28 kW. Together, they are the seventh-largest solar installation in Manhattan.
8 Cabrini Terrace 900 W 190th St Manhattan New York Cabrini Terrace, a residential building, has a 50.54 kW solar installation, the eighth-largest in Manhattan.
9 The River Arts Apartments 159-00 Riverside Dr W Manhattan New York River Arts Apartments has a 49.68 kW solar installation, the ninth-largest in Manhattan.
10 Brandeis Educational Campus 145 W 84th St Manhattan New York The Brandeis Educational Campus has a 46.8 kW solar installation, the 10th-largest in Manhattan.

For more on solar power in New York City, visit Sustainable CUNY’s NYC Solar Page,’s page on solar panels, and ConEdison’s page on solar energy.


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